Care about Children? Worry about PA and Hamas, not Israel

This past Sunday, the ‘United Church of Christ’ passed a resolution that condemns Israel for its treatment of Palestinian children.

When you see the data presented, it indeed raises a concern. How come so many children were arrested, and what causes the growth of underage detainees?

One of the facts that was disregarded is that the kids that are arrested and being held have tried, and even sometimes succeeded, to attack another citizen. A girl from an ‘Electronic Intifada’ article that dealt with this issue was arrested in fault of trying to stab an Israeli citizen with a knife. Is that not more worrying? That a 12-year-old girl intended to stab another person to death?

Would you expect the American police forces to use any other means if American children were attacked by other children with knifes, rocks, and sometimes even guns?

Children are children. No matter where they are from. And Israel, a country governed by law, has strict rules for how to deal with children….

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