Upcoming Lectures

Ran is a sought-after speaker across the globe for his expertise on International Law, Comparative Constitutional Law, Middle East, Public Diplomacy, Politics and National Security issues.

Lecture Topics

  • Improving Israel’s image in the world – you can do it too!
  •  Israel’s strategy in public relations – successes and failures
  • International law and Israel
  • Democracy and nationalism
  • The legislative process in Israel
  • The Jewish people – a broad view of world communities and Israel Diaspora relations
  • Conservative perceptions – human relations and state
  • The boycott movement – from its establishment until today
  • Legal warfare and the boycott movements
  • Settlements – what do you know about them?
  • UNRWA – deceiving the world
  • Middle East – What has changed after the Arab Spring?
  • Building social projects – from vision to reality
  • Migrants and infiltrators