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Bob Robertson

Bob, a resident of the area since the late 60's started radioKair in July 2017. For years Bob was aware the local area did not have a local radio station that was focused on local community affairs only. After much research Bob determined the future was in streaming radio as that format offered the most ways to listen, better fidelity music and the latest technology for a better listening experience in radio. radioKair moved from a warehouse location in Kingwood to Historic Downtown Humble in March of 2019. " I hope to bring quality informative radio to Atascocito, Humble, Kingwood, New Candy and Porter Communities". Most of our programs and broadcasts are from local citizens who all feel they are offering quality content that the communities will enjoy. Our station members number over 13,000 as of this writing.

Doc Marty

Doc Marty, host of Doc Marty's Mental Wellness Show" Live show Mondays 10am, rebroadcast Wednesdays 12 noon, Sundays 12 noon and 9pm Dr. Marty Lerman earned his masters and doctorate degrees in counseling from the University of Wisconsin at Milwaukee. For more than 30 years he has provided mental health services as a counselor, therapist, college instructor, lecturer and consultant to businesses, hospitals and government agencies. He's owned his own successful private practice in the Houston area since 1985. Initially specializing in working with adolescents and families, he began seeing more and more of the parents change their concerns and problems apart from the children. This led him to obtaining additional post-doctoral training in the areas of hypnotherapy and sex therapy. Dr. Lerman completed advanced training at the Ericksonian Institute for Hypnotherapy in Houston and at the Texas Institute for Hypnosis in Dallas. He is nationally board certified as a hypnotherapist, sex therapist and clinical supervisor, and medical psychotherapist. Dr. Lerman is the proud father of four incredible children and grandfather of two

Tim Colomer

Host of The Colomer EncounterI joined the Marine Corps in 1993, I was 17. My Dad was a retired police officer and my Mom was a stay at home Mom that raised us three boys. My first job in the Marine Corps was aviation ordnance; I assembled bombs, missiles, and rockets. It was a good MOS, but I accelerated quickly. I was an instructor at the schoolhouse by the time I was a Corporal (E-4). When it came time to reenlist, I made the move to Explosive Ordnance Disposal (bomb squad). The selection process was rigorous, and it is still the only MOS in the Marine Corps that is strictly voluntary – you can quit at any time. EOD school lasted nearly 2 years for me; I was there for 9/11 waiting on my security clearance to clear. Once it did, I was assigned to The Marine Corps Chemical Biological Incident Response Force (CBIRF). I was stationed there with my younger brother; he is also a Marine. My first mission was to decontaminate Anthrax from a Senate office – not what I had expected when I made the move to EOD. We did some amazing training, worked with all types of first responders from around the US and developed some interesting procedures for EOD Techs working in a contaminated environment. I was deployed to Iraq in 2006 to support Multinational Forces West. I was the SNCOIC of a small FOB. We had two EOD teams responding around the clock. Our average day consisted of 10-15 improvised explosive devices, car bombs, booby trapped buildings, and unexploded ordnance. We destroyed tons of enemy weapons and explosive stashes. We worked our asses off, but it felt good that we were keeping our brothers safe. On December 11, 2006 I was blown up while in route to an enemy weapons stash. That was one of the most intense days of my life – it changed me, and it changed my team forever. I left the Marine Corps in 2007 and started my life as a civilian. I trained EOD Technicians for nearly 7 years as a government contractor (over 3500 students). I was the Program Manager for the USMC EOD field. I served nearly 2 years at the FBI Explosives United in Quantico. When I finished grad school at the George Washington University, I decided to try corporate America – I was recruited to be the Global Explosive Safety Officer for Halliburton Oil. When oil crashed I bought a franchise that expanded to 8 locations across the US, we had ~100 employees, a reality show, and heavy Veteran mission… my investor walked away and left me to basically give control over to the managers at each location. Now I am helping business grow by implementing some time-tested business tools, called the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS).

Diane Blanco

Host of East Texas Talk. I’ve lived in this area for nearly 30 years and I love it because there is so much heart here, for our community, and those in need. And so many good people. I want to shine a light on the good work that is happening here and the opportunities to be part of something greater than yourself. And when I come across information that might help you live longer or healthier or safer, I plan to share that as well. Some of you know me from Lone Star College where I worked for over 26 years in Continuing Education, College Relations and most recently as the director of the Women’s Center. Others might know me from my newspaper columns, Over the Edge in the Tribune. I came up with that title because as a working mother, I frequently felt I was living life on the edge and any day could just slip right on over. I love to read (and talk) and I will be sharing some of my favorite books, new and old and hope you will tell me about yours. I also love movies, especially great romantic comedies, which today are few and far between today. I think I am drawn to them because first, there is generally a low body count, people are, at last, finally happy and there are no dragons, raptors, sharks or other things that keep me awake at night. I think I saw Jaws about 25 years ago and I still can’t go in the water! I plan to have local guests on each show who are doing great things to benefit our community and the individuals who live here. If you know some local citizens who fit that bill, I hope you will let me know so we can recognize them on the air and share what they do and how others can get involved.

Jarrett Murray - Producer

Producer, roaming reporter. Jarrett Murray, better known as Murdawg on the Mic. Graduated from Stephen F. Austin State University with a Bachelors in Mass Communication. While in school, he worked for a nonprofit station, KSAU 90.1, an East Texas alternative station.

John Douglas - Producer

John Douglas is the lead producer helping to bring all of the shows and podcasts to the listener. He also plays the personalities of Johnny D and Johnny Fire Ball when recording promos and programs. He graduated from the University of Houston with a Degree in Political Science and a Minor in National Security.​

Linda Robertson - News Director

Linda Robertson is our news editor at RadioKAIR. Previously, she worked for local school districts for 30 years as a speech therapist, teacher, and special education supervisor. Linda moved to Kingwood with four children and a husband in 1973. Her children attended Humble ISD. Linda and her husband Bob have owned a generator company and in 2017, opened RadioKAIR, which is now on Main Street in Humble.

Neil Sperry - Host of Plant Talk Texas

Neil Sperry grew up in College Station. He’s been a plant geek all of his life, tracking along with his dad, a Range Management professor at Texas A&M University. Neil owned and operated a nursery and landscaping business in high school, and many of his trees still line major streets of his hometown. He attended Texas A&M, but transferred to Ohio State University and received both his B.S. and M.S. degrees in horticulture. He taught high school horticulture in Shelby, Ohio, for two years before joining the Texas AgriLife Extension for seven years (1970-1977).

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